Elevated Impact Design Portfolio 


Elevated Impact Design Portfolio

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Kimberly White - Own Your Better™ Brand & Website Design

This project required a full brand rename and redesign. We created custom visuals, logo, website design, plus masterclass opt-in page and sales page.


Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy - Online Course Certification

For this client we designed and built an online course certification with private social network in Kajabi. This project features a main program certification along with different live classes for each cohort.

Alex Cattoni - The Write & Ignite Challenge

For this project, we designed an built a program sales page & order forms in Kajabi. We also created a 2-step version of the sales page for running ads so the client could capture emails in case the prospects didn't immediately buy.



Sol Sebastian - Alchemy of Man High-Ticket Program & Funnel

This creative project included an on-demand webinar that lead to a sales call application which automatically qualified clients before scheduling. If they didn't meet the criteria, we sent them a kind decline video. If they met the criteria, we sent them to schedule their call. We designed and built the sales page, the program itself, and set it up to be profitable off of cold traffic from Facebook Ads.

Nicole Keating - Sovereign Source Series Virtual Summit

This project included an opt-in page for the summit, true expiring one-time-offer to paid upgrade (sales page with Deadline Funnel countdown), upsells to a private mastermind using ThriveCart, affiliate portal using ThriveCart, and the free and paid portions of the summit built in Kajabi. NOTE: ThriveCart is not required for these features, but allows for expanded options.


Sage Lavine - Women Rocking Business Sales Page

This sales page is one of many designs for this client. It was designed by us, but built in WordPress - which we no longer offer. However, we are available for WP design if you have a developer.


Michael Neeley - Zero to Launch Joint Venture Funnel & Sales Page

This project included 3 different opt-in funnels for an affiliate launch to give partners 3 different gifts to promote to their list. We managed the JV partners in this launch as part of our service as well.

Michelle Bolong - Qizzup Aerial Arts Online Certification

This was a special project because it took a normally in-person, physical training program and made it 100% virtual. The program includes different levels. For each level, the student must learn a skill and send in their video.


Jen Devilliers - 21-Day Body Mind Detox Program

This project included 2 sales pages and multiple opt-in funnels for recipe guides. It was designed by us, but built-in WordPress. We no longer offer WordPress builds, but can design for projects if you have a developer.


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